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Cloud Productivity Software One in three employees will quit if they are not allowed to work from home. It is easy to see why employees prefer to work at home. It reduces commute time, makes it easier to work, and makes work more enjoyable because you don’t have to be there every day. Some employers want to see a full-time return to work despite the tangible productivity gains. It is worth taking a step back. According to a recent survey, 33% of employees would leave their job if forced to return to work full-time. Of employees desire more time in person with their colleagues.

Cloud Productivity Software

Although employees may want to work remotely, they don’t want the office to disappear. Many employees see their office as a place for collaboration, team building, culture building, and other activities. Face-to-face interaction can help build stronger connections with the company and improve relationships with coworkers. This is a benefit that Microsoft research has shown to be true. It found that two-thirds of workers want more time in person with their peers.

 Of employees had difficulty with group work during pandemics.

They surveyed more than 40 percent of employees and found that group work was their most challenging task. This is just behind information gathering and customer interaction. This statistic highlights both a benefit as well as a challenge. Hybrid workforces may experience an improvement in group collaboration when face-time is reintroduced. However, hybrid and remote companies will need to work more collaboratively to support activities that take place remotely.

Meetings now take up twice as much time.

It is interesting to see that while workers claim group work is more complicated, they also devote more of their workdays to doing it. Microsoft research has shown that the weekly meetings doubled in size during the pandemic and continue to grow. Other communication forms, such as email, chat, and document sharing, have also increased significantly. This suggests that remote workers and hybrid workers could be at greater risk of digital overload and burnout if they don’t implement tools and processes to improve communication.

More than half of all companies have not attempted to improve remote work.

Understandably, collaboration was affected by the rush to work remotely during the initial days of the pandemic. They surveyed 53% of respondents and found that they didn’t make significant efforts to improve remote collaboration. This mistake could be detrimental to the success of a transition to permanent remote work or hybrid work. Happy customers are the best way to recognize a company’s achievements. Our mission is to enable people and businesses to communicate, collaborate and work from anywhere. People notice when you combine incredible innovation with a laser-focused focus on customer success.

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It’s more than feeling better or getting better results in group work. Fostering more robust relationships between remote employees is essential. Research has shown a strong correlation between feeling connected to colleagues and higher productivity.71% of those who rated themselves most productive reported feeling a stronger connection with their coworkers in the face of the pandemic. felt less or the same. Latest Recognition by Omdia UCaaS Scorecard Ranks The  First in Fifth Year in a row.